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Dave I

I am sorry to report that Dr. David Toth, RASC London Centre member, past Centre President, RASD member Dave I, ham radio call VE3GYQ, private pilot, astrophotographer, well known in amateur astronomy, and an exceptional doctor, has passed away after a year long struggle with brain cancer. Dave was symptom free at the 2009 Winter Star Party, began to experience symptoms two weeks after returning home, underwent several forms of treatment, attended Starfest in fine spirits, and wanted so badly to return to this year's WSP.

At this year's Starfest Asteroid 154902 was named Toth = 2004 RU247

The citation reads:

"Discovered 2004 Sept. 11 by Tom Glinos, David and Wendee Levy at Jarnac. David Toth (b. 1955) a Canadian Emergency Room physician, private pilot and radio operator VE3GYQ. An expert with the Paramount and The Sky software, Toth was alway willing to diagnose problems and assist fellow amateurs in resolving their issues and to act as a liaison with Software Bisque." Dave will not be forgotten, and people with his span of interests, skills, talents and accomplishments are few indeed."

Dave V

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